Explaining the Difference b/w Mocking & Judging to Pakistan Idol Judges

In various instances from 2nd and 3rd week audition episodes of Pakistan Idol, judges are seen passing extremely rude remarks and comments — many of which are easily interpreted as offensive and insulting — it appears they didn’t get the memo that there’s a line between being blunt about one’s singing ability and mocking someone for who they are. Unfortunately, the judges of the first season of Pakistan Idol appear to have taken this line for granted.

Tonight aired the fifth episode of Pakistan Idol and the picture has started becoming a bit more clear about the judges. We had earlier reviewed the first two episodes and had found the judges to be not-so-rude but whether it is because of the instructions given from the direction team or something else, we sure have started seeing the true colors of Pakistan Idol judges especially Ali Azmat who we thought was polite.

Bushra Ansari was given benefit of the doubt when she mocked cross-dressing contestant Raphay, like a mean insecure woman. However, the rude attitude seems to be becoming routine. One certain audition has caught attention of many and has caused an outrage on the internet space, is of one Naveed Ali from Faisalabad who was mocked by the judges the moment he stepped foot in the room. Even after explaining he has high-pitched voice since childhood, judges especially Ali Azmat kept going to the level, that it started appearing to be a high school where mean cruel students mock and bully the ones who appear to be weak. Following is the video clip of Naveed’s audition:

Being brutally honest about one’s ability to sing is what the Idols judges are supposed to do but looks like all three judges’ realization has become blurred and they can’t differentiate being brutally honest from insulting someone for the way they appear or speak. In Shaista Lodhi’s Utho Jaago Pakistan show also on Geo TV, the judges had revealed they were told to do so by the show but they couldn’t go ahead with it, given the different sensibilities of the country, well they went through with it after-all.

Even in latest December 20 episode, judges mocked a contestant who has a bit effeminate vocals. All this makes me think, is that what would have happened if someone like Lazaro Arbos — the stuttering contestant on American Idol last year who made it to top 6 — had come to audition on Pakistan Idol? I guess we never know because our judges would be too busy having a good laughter about it. Here’s the inspiring video clip of Lazaro’s audition on American Idol:

We all love the Pakistani edition of Idols series and we all wanna see it succeed. Therefore we politely request the judges to consider this:

- Please don’t make Idols format an excuse to personally attack, insult, mock and bully someone for the way they look, walk or talk. Sure Idols format requires you to be bluntly honest with those who can’t sing but comment on their ability to sing and that’s all that should be commented on.

- Ali Azmat, please lose the comedy and expressions, you have a horrible sense of humor. Or should we say in your own words? “It’s horrible dude!”

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