Salman Khan is coming to Pakistan!

As mentioned in a press release following the ban of Salman Khan’s movie “Ek Tha Tiger” in Pakistan the actor stated his desire to visit the country. The aim of this trip would be to lift the ban and moreover to promote the upcoming movie in Pakistan and raise PR. The director of Ek Tha Tiger, Kabir Khan will also be accompanying Salman K. in the visit.
The movie “Ek tha Tiger” which is set for release on August 15 is “reportedly based on the activities of ISI and RAW” which led to a lot of controversy in both the respected countries and eventually led to its ban in Pakistan by the Pakistan Electron Media Regulatory Authority. The board feels that the film is anti ISI.
Salman and Kabir however disagree and in order to show that the movie is not Anti-ISI or Anti-Pakistan will be specially visiting the country for the promo.
As stated by Kabir Khan: “This is the price we have to pay because unfortunately our industry has made insensitive and jingoistic films in the past… I am absolutely sure that once the censor board of Pakistan sees EkThaTiger… they will be more than happy to show the film.
I can assure the millions of fans of Salman in Pakistan that Ek Tha Tiger will release in theatres in their country. In this day and age… its stupid to make films that are insensitive or derogatory to any country or community…(sic)”.

Although no response has been made in terms a ban lift, one thing is fore sure the Pakistani fans of Salman Khan are eager to see him visit the country for the first time.

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