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Flag Hoisting at CJP house! The struggle goes on. .

Apparently, Aitzaz Ahsan is trying the discredit the struggle and hard work done by the selfless Pakistani youth who played a most important role in restoration of Judiciary. Aitzaz Ahsan is trying to give the credit of restoration of judiciary to PPP and Zardari which

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I didn’t celebrate Basant this time!

There are quite a few reasons for which I didn’t celebrate Basant festival this time, The main reason was the crises in our country didn’t allow me to go and celebrate festivals when my own brothers are on road, struggling for a noble cause i.e.

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CJ to be Restored! Change has come to Pakistan :)

Finally, the government of Pakistan has surrendered in front of the will of Pakistani people. After trying every alternative, as a last resort, government of Pakistan has finally decided to restore the deposed Judges including Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry. It’s a kind

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Since GEO NEWS is blocked in various parts of the country since yesterday! As an effort to make it viewable for audience, we have gathered the working links of live streams of GEO NEWS. To watch GEO online, use the following links. IN PAKISTAN ONLY: