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Justifying the Insanity?

In the aftermath of Lahore Attacks on Ahmadiyya community, there’s been diverse opinions from various groups of people on the violent incidents. While most of them have condemned the brutal killings of unarmed citizens, there are still a number of people who try to justify

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Combating Subversion

Guest Post by Rabiya Liaqat Bombs destroy railway lines, industrial centers, hospitals, schools and places of worship. Huge buildings built at a huge cost and labor, are reduced to ashes. Old men and women, innocent children rot in underground cells while the youth is wrecked

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[Video] The bonding Ideology! Pak-Bangla friendship!

Here is the video that I’ve got to share. Even after being declared as official enemies after 71 war, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis couldn’t become enemies really. Because of a bond, it is the same bond that Jinnah visioned about. The two-nation theory, i.e. Muslims and