Farayal Makhdoom All Set to Welcome another Child to the family

Farayal Makhdoom and Amir Khan have been in news since a while now, bringing up new stories each day and eventually reducing to heated conversations. This time around, however , Farayal comes up with a different news and it is a good one!

The news coming from Farayal took her followers by surprise and while some resort to indecent questions regarding her pregnanacy, others, on the other hand, congratulated her and wished her luck:

Sorry Gals but Zaid Ali is Now Taken!

Zaid Ali, the famous comedian who made his mark in the world of humor and creativity through his unique vines and rose to success in no time, has broken the hearts of many as the news of his marriage broke.

The famous hunk caught the attention of the ladies and the news of his marriage came as a shock to them.


A few weeks back he tweeted that he is getting married in 19 days:


And here we go, our Dulha just tweeted again, finally declaring himself as “Nikkahfied”


10 Reasons Why Baghi is a Must-watch

1: It is inspired by a true story:

The serial Baaghi portrays the life of a girl who, in order to fulfill her dreams, crosses the limits defined by the society and gets rebellious, consequently getting herself killed in the name of honor

2: It emphasizes on the rights of women:

It remains a point to ponder on that women in our society are still struggling to get the rights they are deprived of and this serial portrays pretty  much the same. We get a clear message that deprivation of rights leads to rebellious beginnings  with devastating ends.

3: Depicts honor killing :

A curse that prevails throughout the society and has taken the lives of many, including both the guilty and innocents. The drama revolves around the story of a similar girl who was killed in the name of honor by her own brother. Addressing the issue had always been the need of time and this drama did the job well.

4: The last resort a girl is left with in case of marriage against her will:

Fouzia , the protagonist in the serial faces a great deal of hardships, marrying her against her will being the greatest of all ( so far). This leads her to rise up in a rebellion and finds running away from her relatives, the only solution.

5: It negates the misconception in the society that men change after marriage :

A misconception that swirls the society regarding men is that they change once they are handed down the responsibility of marriage and children and turn into decent beings, opposite to what they have been before marriage. A false concept it is because in most of the cases, they don’t and the wives, eventually is to be blamed for this too.

6: It shows the determination of a girl to fulfill her dreams:

dreams, determination and never giving up! The drama depicts everything. Fouzia Batool is a dreamer and she can do everything to turn her dreams into reality. Her determination is inspiring enough and we see her in a constant struggle against the norms of the society.

7:  One of the best OSTs  in 2017:

Baaghi’s OST composed and sung by Shuja Haider, is probably the best thing you will hear this year. Thought-provoking lyrics , soulful voice and the beautiful composition takes us deep in the realms of beauty.

8: The thought-provoking script by Umerah Ahmed that beautifully captures the life of a similar girl killed in the name of honor:

A good script determines the success of a serial and Baaghi’s team have made sure that they do justice with the screenplay. Umerah Ahmed’s screenplay adds to the beauty of the serial.

9: Saba Qamar and Sarmad Khusat at their best:

Sarmad, the man of brilliance, plays the role of Fouzia’s brother and he indeed has done justice to this particular role. Saba Qamar, the most talented and versatile actress of the country can be seen at her best in this serial. From Fouzia Batool to Kanwal Baloch, Saba thrills everyone with her versatile acting.

10: Bored and want quality entertainment? Yes, you found the right one:

A jolly role played by an equally jolly girl is a treat to watch and who better than Saba Qamar? The serial also has a lot of happy, funny and dancing moments which every girl can relate to. Humor combined with emotions, makes Baaghi a complete package.


Jes and Rob’s latest review on the youngsters !

So, Robin and Jesper are back and this time around, with the young artists from coke studio who have already mesmerized the audience with their melodious voices and pretty smiles.

Muntazir, a take by Danial Zafar, the mini version of Ali Zafar and Momina, the beauty we know from the song “Afreen Afreen”, has earned both the singers quite a lot of fame already.

A different song sung uniquely by the two charming singers is not all that attracted Jes and Rob. They particularly admired the chemistry between Momina and Daniyal ,their smiles adding the sparkle to the overall performance, making it a complete package

Here is what they have to say about the song:

6 Pakistanis recognized among top 1% of global-tech talent

Six Pakistanis made Pakistan proud by securing jobs at the Crossover international hiring tournament. These six individuals are now being considered among the top 1 percent of the global talent in the world.

61 programmers from Punjab and Sindh participated in the gaming competition, where six ended up securing USD 100,000 per annum per candidate. More than 500 senior tech talent from across Pakistan registered for the competition.

Andy Tryba, Chief Executive Officer, Crossover in a message said that Crossover is planning to run more tournaments in Karachi and Islamabad based on Lahore experiment to hire over 200 senior software architects in Pakistan and bring an additional $20M/year worth of employment to Pakistan economy in 2017.

The first National Freelancing Convention #NFC17 was held under the auspices of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), a unique initiative jointly organized by the PITB and Crossover, participated by more than 500 applicants through highly gamified and competitive process of three rounds. The round finished with a technical interview for on the spot job offer by Crossover.

The leading work from home company, Crossover, hired six (o6) Chief Architects in Java and Ruby in a single day. The successful candidates of technical interview have been given full time / remote job offer paying worth $100, 000/- per year. Crossover also paid a sign up winning bonus of $5,000 to the champion of the tournament. Crossover has successfully tested this concept in Turkey, Russia, Romania, Poland and Ukraine.

Chief Minister Punjab, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif appreciated the talent hunting activity by Crossover and hoped that the activity would benefit the economy of Pakistan. Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab and Chairman PITB, Dr. Umar Saif said that technology was creating jobs around the globe while incubators, Startups and freelancing co-working spaces were playing pivotal role in this regard. Pakistan being the third largest English speaking and 9th mobile user country, with 60 % population comprising of youth in the world has vast potential to exercise technology in every field, he added.

Crossover (also known as Crossover for Work) not only connects companies to the best talent from around the world, but also provides a seamless end-to-end solution for remote team management. Crossover connects talent from around the globe with companies who are looking to hire only the best. Crossover has more than 2200 people from 98 different countries working full time (40 hrs/wk) for its clients.

Daesh Khawarij punishing women in public

Women play a vital role in this life that is witnessed on the planet earth. Her roles played as sister, mother, wife, and daughter are completely demanding roles. She is found compromising, sacrificing, and stays patience enough to fulfill the demands of these roles. A guarantee of good mothers means a guarantee of good nations.

What women suffer is under consideration here. The values that societal trends allot to woman are not enough. In many societies any crime done by men usually goes unnoticed. On the other hand if woman commits a mistake, it is highlighted and women get immediate punishments, history of mankind reinforces this argument.

The video shared here is in same context. Yes, a woman in this video is being targeted by members of Daesh Khawarij. She is being punished for a crime against which these Daesh Khawarijis have no solid proofs. She is quite arrogantly shot in the head. She lost her life on the spot.

Violation of human values is quite clear in this video. All the laws that are present on the earth do not allow such harsh punishment. This organization of Daesh Khawarij claims to be Islamic but all the authentic scholars of Islam united together and gave their verdict that such organization has nothing to do with Islam.

Protests though were recorded after this video but do not work to stop such activities. NGOs specifically working for women rights took strong notice of such criminal acts but they also had to face failures. They could only manage to console the crushed souls of relatives of this victimized woman.

One can ascertain from these brutalities what a curse Daesh is and what in the name of Islam and God they’re doing. I feel disgusted to say the least and only God knows what will happen to women who are still being held by the curse that is Daesh and what the rulers of the Islamic world are doing to protect them.

This is a user-submitted post by Mehmoona Amjad