Engro Foods launches Omore! Marketing Review!

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omoreKarachi: Engro Foods has recently expanded its brands portfolio by launching a premium quality ice cream with the name of Omore. Omore started its sales from the city of Lahore because of the culturally inheritor of celebrator of festival of colors i.e. The Spring Festival. They have started off with 24 different packs and flavors that attract kids and adults from all walks of life.

Omore has initiated heavy marketing campaign, let’s review:

By the end of March, every eye of Lahore was attracted towards the catchy decoration of Lahore done by Omore. Other then the colorful advertising streamers, they had sponsored PHA in decorating Lahore with artificial and colorful flowers etc. Clearly, as they boasted off, Lahore really seemed to be in bloom. Believing in the fact that a marketer believes that advertisement is not an expense, it’s an investment, they have invested a lot.

Their advertising campaign includes:

1) Streamers

2) Decoration of City in collaboration with PHA

3) TV Ads

4) Sponsoring Cooking Shows

5) TV Bloopers, Art of Happiness

6) Search planes Confetti

They have placed their streamers across Lahore and other cities.

The city of Lahore is decorated with artificial flowers and decoration material

Their TV ad is consisted on a cool, attractive and catchy jingle which is sung by everyone these days. This is their TV commercial:

Omore has sponsored all the major cooking shows on the prominent TV channels, creating a strong brand positioning.

One of the innovative advertising campains is TV bloopers, Art of Happiness where a couple of 30-seconds bloopers from the TV shows are shown and then Omore music plays and says “This Art of Happiness is brought to you by Omore Ice cream”. This also leaves a strong brand image in viewers’ minds.

Although the means of advertising were more conventional, still they used it in the best innovative way it could be. And I am very impressed with their innovative advertising campaign. Thumbs up for their CMO and marketing staff.


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  11. I’ve looked for it at many big stores and chains for it but no one has it. Many people mentioned its very good but when I asked have they eaten it, the answer was no. Do you know any place in Karachi where its available?

  12. The add above seems like an add made for Coca Cola other than the point tht the logs have been switched. the only thing that comes to mnd is that the when ones see this add the brand “recall” is of Coke and NOT Omore. plus the new ad launched portraying the newly married couple makes one really wonder whether creativity really is dead in Pakistan or merely taking a break.

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  14. olpers is a new brand and now if they start the omore ad with an image of olpers its brand association. But having studied marketing, it think this could be disastrous for engro foods. Olpers is not that well established a brand itself, and nobody knows yet if omore would be successful or not. so if omore fails, it would have a negative effect on olpers too. Can the company afford that???? brand association as far as i know, is only done thru well established brands, no?

  15. Engro will meet success as its very strong group and i think they will make certain possible space in the hearts of the people….

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