7UP Asal Foodies ad has adults acting like 12-year-olds

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The wanna-be hip “love, love, love…7UP” ads have always given me a challenge understanding what’s going on. And the new 7UP Pakistan Asal Foodies ad continues to fuel my curiosity. Here’s what I’m thinking of this ad.

– Excessive Urdish (hybrid of Urdu and English) in slogan and jingle is plain annoying!
– The cheesy models look like adults who refuse to grow up!
– Sure, every other guy ignores a girl that good looking just for biriyani and 7up.
– And can you really be an ‘Asal Foodie’ and still look like the models in the ad? Okay this one’s a stretch I admit.

I know in a mad ad world you’re supposed to defy reality and oftentimes go for things unimaginable in reality but even then there has to be a concept and a story behind ads. Watch and let us know what you thought of this ad?


  1. I change the channel every time. I can’t bear that guy with the sinus nose singing. he should get to an ENT specialist and get his nose unblocked before singing on national TV!

  2. I’ve been seeing this ad on TV for a few days, and I find it really annoying. Too much of gloss, over-acting and over-stretched smiling that makes you want to puke on the TV!

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