Daesh Khawarij punishing women in public

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Women play a vital role in this life that is witnessed on the planet earth. Her roles played as sister, mother, wife, and daughter are completely demanding roles. She is found compromising, sacrificing, and stays patience enough to fulfill the demands of these roles. A guarantee of good mothers means a guarantee of good nations.

What women suffer is under consideration here. The values that societal trends allot to woman are not enough. In many societies any crime done by men usually goes unnoticed. On the other hand if woman commits a mistake, it is highlighted and women get immediate punishments, history of mankind reinforces this argument.

The video shared here is in same context. Yes, a woman in this video is being targeted by members of Daesh Khawarij. She is being punished for a crime against which these Daesh Khawarijis have no solid proofs. She is quite arrogantly shot in the head. She lost her life on the spot.

Violation of human values is quite clear in this video. All the laws that are present on the earth do not allow such harsh punishment. This organization of Daesh Khawarij claims to be Islamic but all the authentic scholars of Islam united together and gave their verdict that such organization has nothing to do with Islam.

Protests though were recorded after this video but do not work to stop such activities. NGOs specifically working for women rights took strong notice of such criminal acts but they also had to face failures. They could only manage to console the crushed souls of relatives of this victimized woman.

One can ascertain from these brutalities what a curse Daesh is and what in the name of Islam and God they’re doing. I feel disgusted to say the least and only God knows what will happen to women who are still being held by the curse that is Daesh and what the rulers of the Islamic world are doing to protect them.

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