saadkhan_unilever[Guppu Exclusive] KARACHI – In their quest to produce a western kind of thrilling and adventurous reality show, Poor and substandard arrangements have become the reason of the killing of a boy Saad Khan. Victim’s cousin Mansoor Khan told

Saad Khan lost his life in the recording of the show when the host Amina Sheikh (the model of Clear Shampoo) gave an under water challenge to him. The boy lost his control and shouted for help but the lame safety and lifeline measures failed to rescue him up and the young man, the father of four had to suffer.

The blame straight goes to the producers of the show which are Unilever and Mindshare for hiring such a sub standard team and the cheap arrangements that became the cause of death of the boy. For now, the mainstream media has rejected to air any such news as they get a fair amount of advertising business from Unilever. And spokespersons of these two companies have been shamelessly calling the incident a mere accident.

Mansoor Khan, the cousin of the victim demands that “ALL CONCERNED PEOPLE OF UNILEVER & MINDSHARE MUST BE PUT BEHIND BARS.”

Mansoor doesn’t want you people to boycott Unilever Products, all he wants is that the culprits who gambled with the life of the participant must be brought to the court of justice.