Finally, A Mega Event from Pakistan! IYCF2010 !!

International Youth Conference & Festival is to be held in Islamabad from 6th of December which will attract students from around the globe. The six day conference will give an opportunity to students from around the world to interact and learn from each other experiences. The conference has been organized by Miradore Productions and Khudi Pakistan, in partnership with Ministry of Information and Ministry of Youth Affairs is also supported by Google, Youtube and NCHD and Ministry for Women Development. Students from US, UK, Turkey, Somalia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Scotland are expected to come to Islamabad to attend the event. The event will highlight Pakistan culture, arts and history through workshops, fashion shows, music, and stalls besides other attractions.

The focus of the event is to highlight the role of youth in peace building and to bridge cultural, regional and religious gaps. Participants will also discuss ways to work for women empowerment, disaster management and use of modern social networking tools to help in these areas. The conference will also give opportunity to foreign delegates to come and see the side of Pakistan that is rarely highlighted in the foreign media. Big names from tech giants such as Google, Facebook are also expected to be there. The organizers of the event are hopeful that the conference would be prove to be an extremely useful event to bridge cultural gaps between Pakistan’s youth and the rest of the world.

Correction 1: Khudi Pakistan and Miradore Productions are the organizers and Ministry of Information & Broadcasting is among the partners and supporters!

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