National news channel ARY News aired a ‘Breaking News’ story saying honourable scholars have lashed out at Aamir Liaquat for allegedly insulting religious scholars live on TV. The quoted scholar is Mufti Naeem of Jamia Banoria Karachi who in his live interview to ARY News says Aamir Liaquat is aggressive and doesn’t know how to talk to elder scholars.

ARY News also aired Aamir Liaquat’s infamous leaks released over 2 years ago when he was the face of ARY Digital’s religious transmission. Liaquat returned to the original channel Geo TV after almost 2 years. Ironically, the roles of exposing him are reversed as this time ARY News is doing the dirty job.

Aamir Liaquat is currently debuting his new show “Inaam Ghar” on Geo TV where he will hand over prizes to the audience.