Munfarid Zaidi being cradled by one of the judges

I reckon the words ‘Pakistani’ and ‘blow’ in one headline might ring wrong bells to some ears but this post is about an American Idol contestant of Pakistani origin who auditioned for the 13th season of the show in Austin.

Munfarid Zaidi who is based in Texas and was born in Lahore, Pakistan wooed the judges by admitting his craze about one of the judges Harry Connick Jr. The apparently geek contestant said he reads Harry’s Wikipedia page everyday before going to sleep. Harry gives him a lift-hug and promises to cradle him like a baby if he blows them away with his first song to which Zaidi said he was up for it.

Zaidi comes through by singing Adele’s crazy for you quite beautifully, impressing all the judges. Following which, Harry goes ahead to cradle him like a baby while he sings the next song.

Harry also adored how Zaidi changed his accent to that of Urdu while saying ‘Lahore, Pakistan’, the pronunciation was perfectly how an Urdu speaker would say it.

American Idol 13 premiered on January 15 and judges this season are Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.

Here’s the video of Munfarid Zaidi’s auditions at the American Idol.