The good ol’ ‘Khara Sach’

In the time and atmosphere when everyone seems to be playing blasphemy-blasphemy, Hazrat Mubasher Lucman with spike-inspired youthful haircut branded the Turkish soap opera Muhteşem Yüzyıl – dubbed The Magnificent Century in English and Mera Sultan in Urdu – as blasphemous in his latest show.

The apt first reaction, other than rising of an eyebrow would be, as was mine, ‘say what??’

So the show begins with recitation of Quranic verses partly mentioning the story of two prophets Hazrat Musa (AS) and Hazrat Khizer (AS). It is followed by the Urdu translation in Mubasher Lucman’s voice whose pitch suggested he had probably found treasure. He then shows a clip from Geo Kahani’s Urdu version of the show where a pretty woman is narrating a similar story to motivate some bearded man in the show but the characters in this woman’s story are Sheikh Saadi and Hakim Shirazi instead of the prophets mentioned in Quran.

I know right! There is supposed to be some sort of blasphemy in there. Let me know if you find it while reading this blog post.

What Mubasher Lucman asserted was that Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman took foreign money to ‘change’ the Quran and termed the reference in the soap opera as an ‘attempt to modify Quran’.

Lucman seemed to be trying real hard to find endorsements; probably the reason that the ‘scholars’ on his show were unorthodox for a TV show like this one. One of them is Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamat (ASWJ) that is an alias of the banned Sipah Sahabah Pakistan (SSP) notorious for sparking anti-Shia hatred and inciting violence.

If you finally happen to find what Mubasher Lucman found, I have to congratulate you because you and the likes of Mubasher Lucman have serviced Islam like no other could. I have to remind you that this show has aired in 55+ countries, majority of which are Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia and some European countries.

I hope Mubasher Lucman realizes that this is what he is saying:

Geo TV owner Mir Shakil conspired against Islam at the hands of some foreign powers who gave Shakil money to have the full show made in Turkey, pay off huge chunks of money to Turkish actors and production teams only to have a poor quality dubbed version of it broadcast in Pakistan on a TV channel that airs second hand shows. And the sole purpose of this massive mission is to ‘amend’ Quran (God forbids).

It’s only fair to bring blasphemy charges to all the actors and production teams and people of every Muslim country who saw and loved this show, don’t you think?

But hey don’t you dare say anything about Lucman, if you don’t wanna end up in his show facing blasphemy charges.

So what if Mubasher Lucman appears to be in bondage/submissive relation with militants? So what if his incitement turns things bloody? So what if his ‘Khara Sachh’ seems more like ‘Khari %$@^@%’? So what if he has run out of topics to cover? So what if he has tasted his own medicine and has his channel banned in several areas? So what if people say ‘RIP journalism’ while watching his show? So what if journalism teachers show clips of his show to students as example of worst form of journalism? So what if he gave several minutes of precious airtime to the man accused of being responsible for killing hundreds of Shias? So what if he might just be inciting sectarian hatred? So what if provocation leads people to take law in own hands?

The man has to tell the good ol’ ‘truth’ on prime time TV.