Tulsi product’s new advertisement is on prime time and even daytime TV these days. Here are the four reasons why we think the new ad, like its previous two ads, will have you confused about what exactly this product is.

1. Shinning square packing:

Screen grab from the latest ad

You have to admit, the silver shinning square packet is suggestive! Show this packet to any foreigner and ask if you don’t believe me.

2. Slogan

Then comes the slogan motto ‘Hum jissay la jawab kehtay hain’ meaning ‘the one we call unmatchable’. So silver, square and shinning packet and this motto…don’t tell me this doesn’t put any ideas in your mind.

3. Couples in the ads

All of Tulsi’s TV ads including the latest one feature a couple comprising celebrities who look in each others eyes while holding a packet of Tulsi. The latest one features dashing Hamza Abbasi and sizzling Mehwish Hayat.

4. Romance

Yes! The latest ad, like its predecessors, has several romantic angles in it. Watch for yourself.

5. Songs

If you’re not convinced by the above four reasons, try combining them with the romantic songs each of Tulsi’s ads have featured. The powerfully romantic songs will arguably beat even the ones featured in actual condom ads in Pakistan.

This is the ad everyone is talking about these days

And this is one of the classics

We couldn’t locate the one with Momar Rana, if you can, share the link with us and we’ll add that here.

Wait! So Tulsi is not a condom?

Sorry to disappoint you but it is a pan masala product.

And to the foreigners reading this post, no pan masala is not an ayurvedic or herbal contraceptive! It’s a herbal product that South Asians chew/eat.

It’s simply hard to believe that the advertisers behind such positioning of the product are not doing this on purpose. One might argue that this product is positioned in this manner so to depict the royal feel since pan masala originally was used to be treat of royal palaces during the Mughal era and before.

In fact such lavish positioning enables the company to charge more than the competition. And evidently, this strategy has worked for years.

And many of us are left with simple questions when we see such TV ads like: What is Tulsi? A condom?

Will the real Tulsi please stand up?


Never mind!