Our Interior Minister is Mr Bean look-alike
Our Interior Minister is Mr Bean look-alike
The federal interior minister Chaudhry Nisar wants the general public to report any suspicious activity in the area but won’t arrest a notorious cleric like Mullah Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid against whom the police have even registered an FIR. Abdul Aziz openly defies Pakistan’s constitution and has no regard for Pakistani institutions. He regularly spews hatred on Pakistani TV against minorities and only recently he was seen making threats against members of civil society for demonstrating against him.

Abdul Aziz even threatened of suicide attacks across the country if he is arrested and only Monday, Taliban faction came forward in Aziz’s support by making a threatening call to the activist leading the protests against Aziz.

It’s been days since Aziz was booked for criminal intimidation by Islamabad police and yet he hasn’t been arrested.

Interior Minister Ch Nisar, who himself doesn’t know what he is talking about most of the time, appeared on TV a couple of days ago to inform the public about what the government is doing to prevent terrorism. The measures he talked about remind one of a police state where the police station rules in its jurisdiction and can do whatever it wants.

Nisar said the government is setting up a national hotline number where the public can report suspicious terrorism related activities. He made some outrageous suggestions like searching hostels and grilling tenets before renting houses. He even went as far as saying the public should report even if there’s a new face in the area of if someone is ordering 50 naans at a tandoor.

It was a classic and miserable case of how a minister would act as if he has done his homework but doesn’t know sh*t. If he can’t prosecute the booked suspects with clear terror links, he will do jack even if you report to him about the suspicious terror activities.