Televangelist notorious for anti-Ahmadiyya hatred, Aamir Liaquat recently hosted a show and invited a panel of clerics who were affiliated to various sectarian and political groups.

These clerics of various sects and political groups who can’t unite on any point decided to send a message of ‘unity’ live on TV so they decided to find a common ground by blaming it all on Ahmadiyya sect! So they start spewing hatred against the already marginalized and oppressed religious minority Ahmadiyya.

As soon as the blame is pinned on the Ahmadiyya, the crowd and the host node, applaud and cheer. The other panelists soon join the bandwagon, agreeing with what is being said and included America and Jewish people in the world with the Ahmadiyya community.

The major charge sheet that was brought against Ahmadiyya, Jews and America live on TV includes the following blatant allegations:

1. Ahmadiyya is the common enemy of all sects and enemy of Pakistan
2. Ahmadiyya are behind the bloodshed in Pakistan, and Jews join them to do that
3. Ahmadiyya and Jews were behind the moratorium on the death penalty in Pakistan

As if this defiance of logic wasn’t enough, the fact that clerics belonging to almost all sects including already persecuted Shia sect agreed with what was being said is troubling.

Geo TV of the largest media house in the country is known to shove the hatred aired on its own network under the carpet and to cry hatred only when their own network is accused of blasphemy. Similar incidents where Aamir Liaquat targeted the Ahmadiyya community have taken place numerous times also on Geo TV and they keep happening again because the editorial board looks the other way.

Only in 2010, armed terrorists stormed two of Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore killing over 98 people and injuring many. This is other than the targeted attacks on members of the community that take place on the regular basis.

It merits mentioning here that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had said in his address to the nation that the hate material against minorities will be banned from the print and electronic media. Now it has to be seen if PM takes Aamir Liaquat and the panelists to the military court or not. Probably not because Aamir Liaquat was seen sucking up to the army by saying “the only noble person in this country is the army chief General Raheel Sharif”.

Here’s the video of the episode, the statements in question begin at 16 minutes