The famous female Pakistani superhero, Burka Avenger, will now be seen on TV screens in India as one of the largest networks there ZEE TV has picked it up for its children’s edutainment channel ZEEQ.

The Burka Avenger 3D animation series started in Pakistan in 2013 and touched the topics or social evils. The character is a teacher by day and is also clad in Burka to fight for causes like girls education and equal opportunities for women.

This Pakistani animated series is the only series coming out of Pakistan that has earned an Emmy nomination along with international awards.

“We are rolling out a worldwide launch for the Burka Avenger series this year so it is fantastic that one of the first territories is India where we are able to reach such a large audience”, show’s creator Haroon is quoted as saying in the blogosphere.

Watch: Burka Avenger OST

Only last year, ZeeTV picked a lineup of Pakistani dramas for its newly launched Zindagi TV which took the Indian audience by storm.