It seems like humour is almost dead! With all the buzz-kill and self-style ‘blasphemy police’ around, anything can become blasphemous. This is what happened with QMobile’s recent ad that depicted black cloths-clad ‘death’ to a teenager who then pleads as the last wish to the death to wait until his mobile’s battery runs out. Little did the death know this was a trap as the battery goes on for as many as 20 days.

This is the ad:

But the blasphemy brigade is now claiming that the imaginary ‘death’ personified is perhaps Islam’s Angel of Death Hazrat Azrael who is believed in the Islamic tradition to be the angel that brings upon death on anyone.

This assertion is absolutely ridiculous because first of all: QMobile is NOT claiming to be a religious ad, secondly, they did not claim it was an angel of death! All they showed was a depiction of death. If personification of death in fiction is wrong, then all the stories and movies you watched are blasphemous. Next thing we know the blasphemy police will be going after the makers and actors of Harry Potter series among the other films and novels based on biblical stories.

Unsurprisingly enough, this blasphemy wrath has apparently been started by none other than scandalous ZemTV website that will do just anything for traffic but occasionally post Maulana Tariq Jameel and Dr Zakir Naik’s videos to become all Halal and self-righteous again. Here’s some of the talk on the Social Media that will make you go crazy.



It merits mentioning here that QMobile has previously had to get a fatwa from the Khatm-e-Nabuwat movement a few years ago when a viral rumour claimed Q in QMobile meand ‘Qadiani’ which is a derogatory term for minority Ahmadi sect declared non-Muslims by the constitution.