Dunno Y2 Life is A Moment, the sequel of Bollywood’s arguably first gay film Dunno Y Na Jane Kyun, has Pakistani lead cast and storyline and is due to be released in 2015. The lead Pakistani cast includes none other than Meera, Nasrullah Qureshi, Sadia Khan, Amir Malik and Sheban King Khan Hussain.

But that’s just the Pakistani cast, the Indian cast has Zeenat Aman, Kapil Sharma, Sanjay Sharma, Yuvraaj Parashar, K Ramsingh and more.

The storyline features a love interest between a Pakistani and an Indian man who are faced by the challenges of social and family related issues. The infamous Meera will also be seen with her magical English.

Sexuality and gender issues are considered taboo in Pakistan. There are also legal implications since the only love relation allowed in the constitution is that between a man and wife.

In Pakistan, Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol briefly touched the subject but it was received as something to mock and laugh about. In India though, there have been other instances of gay characters and storylines.

Watch the trailer of Dunno Y2 Life is A Moment here:
Caution: This video might include visuals and language objectionable for some audiences, viewers discretion is advised.