In its official response to New York Times’ story accusing it of running a massive diploma mill, Axact — the group behind Bol TV network — posted a link to the pdf version of the legal notice their attorneys sent to the NYT.

Although it looks like a big fat and scary corporate legal notice, we were able to spot some errors. Other than the jargon and incorrect punctuations here and there, it mentions the incorrect date (several months ahead) of when NYT contacted Axact. The date mentioned in the legal notice is October 14, 2015 instead of May 14, 2015. We’re not totally sure what it does to the validity of the legal notice but the sloppy work by the legal team does make you laugh.


It has been a PR nightmare for Axact since Monday morning as not only NYT’s piece has been republished across dozens of other media outlets, social media space has been abuzz with questions and comments mocking the IT company. #Axact has been top trending topic since morning throughout Pakistan.

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