So we now have seen reports making fresh rounds on Pakistani TV about how a dog Chester was able to get an MBA degree from ‘Rochville University’, one that is listed in New York Times’ list tracking alleged Axact websites. What you might not know is that a hit American sitcom called Community — ran on NBC America for 5 seasons and continued for 6 as Yahoo web series did an episode titled Basic Crisis Room Decorum that has stark resemblance to the ongoing scandal.

In this episode, the fictitious ‘Greendale Community College’ is accused of enrolling in classes and issuing a degree to a dog. The protagonists investigate allegations and discover a dog indeed enrolled into the classes and only missed the degree by being short of some coursework.

We won’t throw any spoilers in case you wanna watch it. Rochville University issuing an MBA degree to a dog based on life experiences first hit the internet and made rounds in 2009. Only no one knew back then that Rochville was part of an alleged diploma mill racket that runs out of Pakistan.

Watch teaser of the episode here:

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