The wanna-be hip “love, love, love…7UP” ads have always given me a challenge understanding what’s going on. And the new 7UP Pakistan Asal Foodies ad continues to fuel my curiosity. Here’s what I’m thinking of this ad.

– Excessive Urdish (hybrid of Urdu and English) in slogan and jingle is plain annoying!
– The cheesy models look like adults who refuse to grow up!
– Sure, every other guy ignores a girl that good looking just for biriyani and 7up.
– And can you really be an ‘Asal Foodie’ and still look like the models in the ad? Okay this one’s a stretch I admit.

I know in a mad ad world you’re supposed to defy reality and oftentimes go for things unimaginable in reality but even then there has to be a concept and a story behind ads. Watch and let us know what you thought of this ad?