The mainstream media worldwide is bombarded with a ridiculous piece of ‘news’ claiming Fazlur Rehman said that women wearing jeans cause earthquakes and God’s wrath. While such a statement is not totally unexpected from him, this was actually a satire apparently published by a Pakistani website Khabaristan Times.

The international media including of course The Daily Mail took the lead and reported this story in these words:

Pakistani cleric says women who wear jeans are to blame for earthquakes, terrorism and rising inflation

  • Maulana Fazlur Rehman said ‘immodest women’ caused natural disasters
  • Went on to compare ‘uncovered’ women to weapons of mass destruction
  • Rehman, who is also leader of the junior party in Pakistan’s ruling coalition, said the military should be used to combat women wearing jeans
  • Added that attacks by ‘our brothers’ the Taliban would stop if all women completely covered their bodies in public

Other news media that carried this story include The New Indian Express, The Daily Star, The Inquisitr and Metro UK.

The original story was a satire by a Pakistani website often compared to The Onion.

However, when Pakistani clerics can say things as ridiculous as “Peshawar attack was God’s wrath” and would refuse to condemn attack on children, who is to say they wouldn’t actually say something like that. Probably the reason it all appeared real to the foreign press.