In its latest Facebook post, Mobilink’s official Facebook account has posted an image post in the series titled #SpiritofRamadan — yes they’re spelling Ramazan as ‘Ramadan’ — that urges customers to ‘stay self-disciplined’ this Ramazan by banning music.

The post has music/melody icon behind the banned symbol and below it the text reading “Stay Self-disciplined” followed by the hashtag ‘#SpiritofRamadan’.

Screenshot from Mobilink's Facebook post
Screenshot from Mobilink’s Facebook post

Now, I don’t know what was going on in the heads of those who designed and approved this post because they seem to have revived the age old debate of whether or not music is forbidden in Islam. It is true that majority of mainstream clergy has always regarded music as forbidden but the people at large continue to defy the popular and enjoy wide variety of music — a fact that has led the country’s own music thrive for years.

It is not my place write religious opinions or issue edicts here but I certainly can raise questions and see if someone from Mobilink can answer those.

1) Do you believe the music to be forbidden? If so then it should be forbidden throughout the year and not in just Ramazan, right?
And if you don’t believe music to be forbidden then why are you calling people to not to listen music in Ramazan?
2) How does the music come in the way of ‘self-discipline’? Shouldn’t people decide how they want to ‘self-discipline’ themselves?
3) What about the sizable population that considers music a source of spirituality? Why should they stop doing that in Ramazan?

It’s really ironic because Mobilink’s own Ramazan TV commercials have melodies, beats and sometimes even dance tunes. Watch this Mobilink Ramazan ad from last year i.e. 2014.