The VJ and reality show host and producer Waqar Zaka’s coverage from Rohingya Muslims camps in Burma/Myanmar has taken the internet by storm. Apparently Waqar Zaka is in Myanmar covering his relief work on his social media pages and even live on YouTube.

The celebrity host is raising money for charity through his social media pages and then posts videos of where those donations are being spent.

This has generated a massive response from netizens — most of whom are hailing Zaka for this thoughtful act.

Waqar Zaka, once known as the self-proclaimed dare devil was seen bursting in tears in this video.

This is the bank account information posted by Zaka to accept donations so that he can directly withdraw from ATM there and distribute among those who need help in one of the most ignored humanitarian crisis.

Waqar Zaka

10520081001917010 ( Account Number of Current Account)

Bank Al Habib Gizri Branch karachi, Pakistan

PK28BAHL1053008100191701 (IBAN )

Note: FarhanJanjua.com has not independently verified how donations are handled through this bank account.