Haier Mobile is the latest commercial giant to give a push forward to the thriving pop music revival. Its latest collaboration with the “UNPLUGGED” event, the concert where the band Noori performs live is hitting Lahore next. The Unplugged event is scheduled to take place in Lahore this Sunday.

In the Unplugged event, the first of its kind, the band performs to an exclusive audience at cafes instead of massive open-air concert crowd.

Haier Mobile has gotten one thing right: Music is a way through the hearts of the younger generation, the generation that is the direct target demographic of Haier Mobile’s smartphone range.

In its media release, Haier Mobile vows to continue partnering with the events to help bring musical sensations back into limelight essentially helping both the artistes and the audience.

Haier Mobile re-launched in Pakistan in April this year and has taken the domestic market by storm ever since. The features, affordability, variety and a recognizable brand are the only few reasons behind their commercial success.