Pakistan Super League’s logo was unveiled in a much-hyped and glamorous event on Sunday. While we all hoped the logo would be the same as what we’d been seeing for past few weeks, it turns out it wasn’t. And when the logo was finally unveiled, it looked like some sort of prank but it wasn’t.


So here are my thoughts on the logo: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when one sees the logo? And no it’s not just serif. To me it looks like some spa company… maybe a ballet dancing group? But the colours support the spa theory.

And what on earth was going on in the projection video shown during the launch? The animation looked like matrix or techno themed and then came this ballet-themed logo. The two themes just didn’t mix together.

Watch the animation here:

In my personal opinion, it was a crappy job done with the logo and with an event this big, could have been way better and serious.