By Marryam Suleman

nestle-bloggerNestlé Pakistan organized an event to raise awareness among the people of Pakistan on health issues and malnutrition during the first 1000 days of a child’s life. Bloggers from all over Pakistan joined hands together to play their respective roles in the initiative. The event, in my opinion, has been a success.

Starting with the presentations delivered by the guest nutritionists and health specialist such as Dr. Huma , the event further involved healthy brainstorming activities for the Bloggers, from sharing their best memory to tweeting their experiences from the evening. Bloggers present there obliged to spread awareness with great zeal.

The event further answered many questions surrounding nutrition swirling in the heads, wanting to break free. From everyday problems to the myths our society is revolving around today, from minor problems to sinister dilemmas, everything was discussed and in a way that made it a fun evening.

It was, moreover clearly demonstrated that most of the health issues take place because the child is mishandled and not given proper care during pregnancy. Pakistan, being the 9th country with most obese people is facing alarming consequences. The first step towards solving all problems is to educate and aware the nation of such problems and take them out of the cliched myths, eventually laying the foundation of a healthier society.

The successful event showed us all that such endeavors prove milestones in the progress of the nations. A wonderful evening it has been and Nestlé, moreover, aims to hold more events to educate the masses.

Disclosure: Bloggers were treated to a basket containing a diary and 4 KitKat chocolates. But I assure you that did not influence this post in any way! ; )