Pakistani tweeps have stormed the internet mainly in protest and denial after the recent documentary titled How Gay is Pakistan by Mawaan Rizwan aired on BBC. #HowGayIsPakistan is already one of the top trending topics in Pakistan. Now the BBC’s link to watch it online says this content is viewable to a specific audience and within United Kingdom (UK) only; one might wonder what has upset the Pakistani twitterati then? Maybe the mere existence of gay people in Pakistan have sent alarms bells ringing? Homophobia or self denial?

Let’s examine few of the tweets:

The moral high-grounders

The shaming kind that blames PM Nawaz for everything

The over zealous kind

Yeah dude, why only Muslims? Other people are gay too

The kind that would turn profile pic to rainbow colour without knowing WTF is going on

More either-be-gay-or-Muslim, can’t be both kind!

#HowGayIsPakistan is one of the top-10 trending topics on Twitter in Pakistan at this time of dawn and you can only imagine the storm when the real trolls wake up. Amid all this despair are some positive tweets as well: