There’s a new singing reality show in the making — Asia’s Singing Superstar — is a singing competition between Indian and Pakistani contestants produced by Zee Television India and Geo Television Pakistan. Geo TV has already started advertising the show on its news paper Daily Jang and online under the title Asia’s Singing Superstar but I doubt that’s the official title under which Zee TV is launching it in India because there’s nothing under that name when you google it along with Zee. It’s possible Zee TV is launching it with another name, we’ll find out with time.

For now, the concept of the show looks nothing more than a Sur Kshetra clone. It has Indian and Pakistani singers competing against each other at neutral ground Dubai. Each teams will be coached by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan and Shankar Mahadevan respectively.

I don’t have more on the show yet but this post is about the name of the show. Asia’s Singing Superstar, like do you even know how many countries come in Asia? Why aren’t more countries included? Does the production think India and Pakistan are the only Asia? Seriously, it makes you look obnoxious — so much so that the other Asians would take offense if they know about this. Or maybe I am stretching it too far.

As cliched as the name is, I think the show will be fun to watch especially because it’s happening at the time when the tensions are way too high between both the countries. We can surely foresee Geo TV will come under a lot of heat for doing this but kudos for the initiative.