The mighty morning show host Nadia Khan is returning on Geo TV soon but this time to host a show on the weekends. The time slot of the show is yet to be confirmed but it is likely going to be a weekend morning show.

The news of Nadia’s return must have brought cheers on several faces as it did on mine because she did leave a void in the race of morning shows which many found terribly difficult to fill.

Regardless of our disagreements with Nadia, I think we can all agree her shows have helped us through several mornings when it would bring a smile on our faces even when depressed, don’t you agree?

I for one, am really excited to hear about her return. My suggestion on her second return would be to stay away from political topics because her take has many a times left viewers upset. If you don’t know what I mean, her first return was an evening show whose first episode featured an interview with Pervez Musharraf.

Also, let’s hope she doesn’t pull off the self-righteous stuff she did in her first return. You may have a very high ground morally but just don’t judge others, especially your guests for heavens sake.

Check out the promo:

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