The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), that’s right, a FEDERAL agency, has taken into custody a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) activist Qazi Jalal for tweeting against a judge Justice Irshad Qaiser.

Jalal, 19 as per his Twitter bio, is being held by the federal agency for posting what might be seen as slanderous and defamatory tweets against the judge. What he is being charged with is unclear at this point.

There’s an uproar on Twitter and hashtag #JusticeForQazi is trending at the time of writing this blog post.

As per posts on Twitter, Jalal has been arrested for his following Tweets, although this hasn’t been independently verified.

Let’s be honest, the tweets do seem pretty insulting but involving a federal agency like this is a mass-murder or terrorism investigation and then arresting the kid and probably charging him with federal provisions is way too far-stretched. It doesn’t suit the stature of a judge to use the law for personal revenge.

At best it is only a contempt of court case! Speaking of which, some reading online led me to believe there is actually no law in place for contempt of court in Pakistan right now, after the 2012 Ordinance was set aside. Since I’m not a lawyer, I am not sure if that’s the correct assertion. Let me know in comments section what you think.