A clip from the special news transmission on the recent earthquake is going viral on the internet. It shows prominent anchorperson for religious programming, Junaid Iqbal claiming that earthquakes happen because of sex outside marriage.

In the same video we can also watch awkward reaction of co-anchors and panelists and understandably so. This is in addition to reasons earlier given by clerics for the earthquake and on top of the chart has been homosexuality.

Since he’s quoting religious personalities, I’ll reserve my comments but it’s just plain wrong accusing the victims of being sinful people. Reminds me of how people speculated rampant homosexuality as cause of 2005 earthquake — deadliest yet — that left over 100,000 people dead.

As for bringing theology in journalism, reporting and special coverage, yeah…not a fan of that either. I don’t think televangelist should be doing broadcasts like this one.