Dr Ayesha Hussain, a contestant on Waqar Zaka‘s reality show Over The Edge aired on HTV, attempted a dare never seen before anywhere in the world. To everyone’s shock, Dr Ayesha accepted the challenge that every other contestant failed to take up.

What follows is pure horror even for those watching. The daring woman lets the snake up her nose and pulls it out of her mouth. The whole segment is followed by Waqar’s narration urging everyone to support her instead of being cynics. And rightly so, Dr Ayesha deserves all the applause and support we can give her.

Watch the much talked about audition for yourself. Be warned, this really isn’t for faint-hearted.

Over The Edge is a reality show by Waqar Zaka currently aired on HTV, formerly the Health TV Pakistan. It is the continuation of Waqar’s signature show Living on The Edge that was broadcast on ARY Musik and ARY Digital for over a decade.

One of the few shows that last this long, Waqar’s show pulls crowd in large numbers that audition in various cities and eventually compete for a prize money. This year, the prize money is Rs 1 crore.

Other than inviting the challenging contestants, Waqar’s show has also worked as a launchpad to showcase young and emerging talents for several RJs such as Nida Butt, models and rap artists.

Waqar has been criticised for ‘copying’ the hit Indian MTV’s Roadies format but one simply cannot deny the fact that even after this many years, the show has managed to attract and engage youngsters in large numbers.