The telecom operator Zong 4G has recently reinvented itself while giving a complete overhaul to the way it is perceived in the minds of the public. The brand has also undergone a rather daring redesign of the logo, a design that defies the normal and leaves its mark.

Zong has received a lot of criticism and many say the new logo design looks like a meth drug brand. I don’t know about that but here are my first thoughts:

  • A lot looks out of place such as the “4G”
  • The green reminds me of Wateen
  • “A New Dream” tagline is wannabe-ish.

I’m not sure how clever it is to do away with an Urdu slogan like “Sab Keh Dou” that resonates with an ordinary Pakistani. All in favour of “A New Dream”?

On one hand, Zong is asserting its boldness by defying ‘normal’ in terms of logo design and on the other hand, the tagline suggests Zong has no idea what it’s doing… less realistic and more dreamy if you will. Let’s see how long until they’re able to achieve their dream.

One thing is for sure, Zong sure is re-positioning itself as a vanity brand instead of the extra cheap, low budget “China” brand.

This is also visible from their TVC. Although one is able to get the idea of connectivity — how people from different backgrounds come together and form colourful harmony together, one cannot go without saying “I hope Zong knows what it’s doing!”.

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