Pokemon Go seems to have taken over the internet. It’s everything millennials are talking about these days. And now, prominent brands like Pizza Hut have decided to capitalize on the next big buzz in a manner that is both creative and trendy.

In one of their recent photo posts, they have a photo of Pikachu character on Pizza Hut’s table in Pokemon Go interface inviting the fans and players into their outlets to catch it. Basically one more reason to go to Pizza Hut.

Will it work? Will it not? Only time and Pizza Hut will tell. The least it does is create a positive image of Pizza Hut for picking up on something that is trending, so two thumbs up to Pizza Hut’s marketing team for being smart and intuitive.

Check out the Pizza Hut’s photo post

The game has stirred things up even among the Pakistani fans and users even though the game hasn’t been officially launched in Pakistan. You cannot download the game from the app store as it has only rolled out in a handful of countries. But, like with most other things, Pakistanis have created a workaround. Which is to install the game through .apk file available online.

Now, if you are among the many people wondering what the hell is Pokemon Go you keep hearing about, well it’s a location based smartphone game by the makers of the hit Pokemon cartoon and animated series. The makers of the game have secretly placed Pokemon creatures on random places which one can catch and then train. What do you do afterwards is something you and I both need to ask those who are players and fans of this game.

The Pokemon Go has currently launched in Australasia and Americas region and is set to launch in European Union (EU) net. We in Pakistan might have to hold our horses just yet.

Pokemon Go Gameplay