Shocking as it may come, Bol’s not-so-much “inaugural” (there has been an inaugural transmission last year too) transmission on Tuesday showed eminent writer and activist Marvi Sirmed among the likes of Kulbhushan Yadev with texts “RAW agent” written in the background visuals during a segment on…you guessed it right, Indian intelligence agency RAW.

The segment was hosted by none other than Dr Aamir Liaquat. This particularly surprised me because earlier this year, Aamir Liaquat tried to make peace with Marvi as “fellow activist”.

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Did Bol News do it on purpose?

It’s likely a blunder of the people working behind the scenes and Liaquat probably didn’t even know about this. But it does raise serious questions on the quality being delivered versus the claims of everything “number 1” and “largest”.

Who is Marvi Sirmed

Marvi Sirmed is a prominent writer and activist who openly advocates an inclusive and secular Pakistan. She has been subjected to controversy countless number of times before, especially on the social media and her vocal criticism of the status-quo often wins her the titles like “traitor” and “agents” from social media posters.

First impression of Bol News relaunch

I was very disappointed to see that everything Bol News was showing appeals to the jingoistic approach in the name of “independent journalism”. Take their tall claims of “number 1” and compare that with what they are offering.

When “top” and “number 1” anchors are Mubashir Lucman and Aamer Liaquat, you can imagine the direction this overrated news network is headed.

Also, the mediocre quality packages, technical glitches and blunders like this one, Bol News has clearly failed to satisfy its claim of “number 1”.

That said, Bol may have found itself an audience for it appeals to the general ostrich like mindset of the urban youth who would rather bury their heads in the sands and feel good about it than face what’s real.

These feel-good, hyper-patriotic Pakistanis want to hear everything good about them and their surroundings, coupled with 24/7 lashing on India, Israel, the West and pretty much everyone perceived to be an enemy of Pakistan. Bol is offering just that.