Prominent TV presenter and reality show producer Waqar Zaka was beaten up outside Karachi’s Xander’s cafe apparently for sharing personal details of a woman publicly on popular millennials-centric app Snapchat.

Social media platforms, especially Twitter was abuzz with reports on the brutal beating of the presenter as he trended on Twitter for several hours. According to eye-witness accounts, Zaka was dragged outside the cafe and thrashed brutally by the family of the said woman.

One prominent political blogger, Dr Awab Alvi reported:

Despite reports, Xander’s hasn’t issued a statement on the incident. Zaka has also been silent on his social media platforms including Snapchat ever since the incident took place even though the celebrity has been very active on the app. There was a statement issued on Waqar Zaka’s Facebook page though but was eventually taken down but left a mark on Twitter because of the auto-posting.

Here is a screenshot of the same:

Screenshot of tweet shows Zaka admitting to “teasing”

The screenshot shows Waqar Zaka clearly admitting to “teasing a random female”. Reportedly, Zaka was beaten for threatening to disclose and slut-shame women who allegedly “used” men for their gains. One shocking video from Waqar Zaka’s Snapchat has emerged showing the same.


Waqar Zaka was way out of line and creepy in this video and no one in their right mind can defend that. Regardless of his creepy behaviour, nothing can justify the mob justice behaviour and therefore the use of violence against Zaka must also be condemned. He should have been brought in court of the law instead of taking law in own hands and brutalizing him.

The video showing Zaka receiving the beating is so disturbing that I can’t even post it here in the blog post.