The netizens and activists in the United States have spoken loudly against the travel ban of people from 7 Muslim countries. They have been campaigning and protesting against the ban both online and offline. To aware people about whether their Senator or Governor supported, opposed or remained silent on the issue so that the necessary action can be taken, they are aggregating a list. The contents of the said list are:

1) Senator Lamar Alexander | OPPOSED

State: Tennessee
Party: Republicans


This vetting proposal itself needed more vetting. More scrutiny of those traveling from war-torn countries to the United States is wise. But this broad and confusing order seems to ban legal, permanent residents with ‘green cards,’ and might turn away Iraqis, for example, who were translators and helped save lives of American troops and who could be killed if they stay in Iraq. And while not explicitly a religious test, it comes close to one which is inconsistent with our American character.

2) Senator Tammy Baldwin | OPPOSED

Party: Democrats
State: Wisconsin

Welcoming refugees strengthens America’s connection with freedom, the foundation of who we are as a people.

Check this Google doc prepared by concerned American activists and is being widely shared online.