The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police recently arrested a social media celebrit, Nasir Khan Jan, in Peshawar allegedly for posting “naughty” videos online. Jan is known for posting witty and often innocently-flirtatious videos on his Facebook page and has enjoyed an online fan following as his Facebook page has a little over 126k Likes.

The news about Nasir Khan Jan’s arrest went viral on social media after pictures of him and another unidentified guy in handcuffs emerged.

Photo of Jan in handcuffs
Another photo of Nasir Khan Jan in cuffs

Jan later cleared the air with an update that he was released on bail by the admin of another prominent Facebook page Zahreeli Chummi, literally, “the poisonous kiss”.

On Thursday, he did a Facebook Live video session in which he touched upon his arrest and while doing that he burst into tears. We don’t have the official version of the KP police on Jan’s arrest yet but his melt down highlighted the awful state of affairs in Pakistan — how the police would get away with harassing and even threatening people for mere exercising of their basic right of free speech. If only the KP police was this zealous in arresting the preachers of hate speech and other criminals.

Hate and Online Harassment Directed towards Jan

I was shocked to see the amount and kind of hateful comments directed at Khan Jan’s Facebook posts. It reminds me of how the online trolls tried to take down Qandeel Baloch. Not only do they mock him for being “effeminate” and label him “fag”, “khusra”, “gay”, they actually issue threats. If only these trolls realized the hate they are directing towards is an actual person who has feelings and emotions. Take a look at some of the trolls and their comments:

Let’s see if KP police do something about the cyber bullying, threats and harassment directed towards the poor chap.

To Nasir Khan Jan

Dear Nasir Khan Jan, if you’re reading this blog post, I wanna send you positive thoughts and hugs. Keep being awesome and keep entertaining. You have a lot of fans including me who will keep supporting and standing by you.

A version of this article also appeared in Dunya Blogs