March 1 marks birthday of one of the most controversial celebrities in Pakistan’s history, Qandeel Baloch who would have turned 27 today. Murdered by own brother in the name of “honour” last year, Qandeel Baloch was the voice of resistance and constantly highlighted ills and hypocritical attitude of the society.

While most are conveniently set to forget her, we at Guppu are remembering her. Today we’re not gonna debate about her fate in the afterlife or whether what she did was right or wrong. Instead, we’re merely gonna remember her the way she wanted to be remembered.

Bold, hard-hitting and ambitious, Qandeel had made a mark for herself using the power of social media. She was probably one of the most hated celebrity in Pakistan as each of her post earned her constant harassment and abuse from the followers. But this love-hate relationship with her fans brought her to the attention of the mainstream media that eventually had blatant disregard of her privacy and according to many, contributed to her brutal murdered.

Having a poor start, Qandeel never had it easy. She had to work very hard to achieve her share of fame. One of the things she was passionate about and was badly pursuing was a shot to the famous Indian reality show Bigg Boss which she had admitted to several times on her social media pages.

Qandeel tried acting, modeling and even singing and while many argued it would take years before she could be good at any of those, she was irresistible. This happened to the point that she became a darling of the media and was invited in shows on the mainstream media.

I have made a video tribute for her which you can watch below:

Even today, most people take her as a joke but for those who believed in her courage and bravery in pointing out society’s hypocrisy, she lives on.