By Marryam Suleman

1: It is inspired by a true story:

The serial Baaghi portrays the life of a girl who, in order to fulfill her dreams, crosses the limits defined by the society and gets rebellious, consequently getting herself killed in the name of honor

2: It emphasizes on the rights of women:

It remains a point to ponder on that women in our society are still struggling to get the rights they are deprived of and this serial portrays pretty  much the same. We get a clear message that deprivation of rights leads to rebellious beginnings  with devastating ends.

3: Depicts honor killing :

A curse that prevails throughout the society and has taken the lives of many, including both the guilty and innocents. The drama revolves around the story of a similar girl who was killed in the name of honor by her own brother. Addressing the issue had always been the need of time and this drama did the job well.

4: The last resort a girl is left with in case of marriage against her will:

Fouzia , the protagonist in the serial faces a great deal of hardships, marrying her against her will being the greatest of all ( so far). This leads her to rise up in a rebellion and finds running away from her relatives, the only solution.

5: It negates the misconception in the society that men change after marriage :

A misconception that swirls the society regarding men is that they change once they are handed down the responsibility of marriage and children and turn into decent beings, opposite to what they have been before marriage. A false concept it is because in most of the cases, they don’t and the wives, eventually is to be blamed for this too.

6: It shows the determination of a girl to fulfill her dreams:

dreams, determination and never giving up! The drama depicts everything. Fouzia Batool is a dreamer and she can do everything to turn her dreams into reality. Her determination is inspiring enough and we see her in a constant struggle against the norms of the society.

7:  One of the best OSTs  in 2017:

Baaghi’s OST composed and sung by Shuja Haider, is probably the best thing you will hear this year. Thought-provoking lyrics , soulful voice and the beautiful composition takes us deep in the realms of beauty.

8: The thought-provoking script by Umerah Ahmed that beautifully captures the life of a similar girl killed in the name of honor:

A good script determines the success of a serial and Baaghi’s team have made sure that they do justice with the screenplay. Umerah Ahmed’s screenplay adds to the beauty of the serial.

9: Saba Qamar and Sarmad Khusat at their best:

Sarmad, the man of brilliance, plays the role of Fouzia’s brother and he indeed has done justice to this particular role. Saba Qamar, the most talented and versatile actress of the country can be seen at her best in this serial. From Fouzia Batool to Kanwal Baloch, Saba thrills everyone with her versatile acting.

10: Bored and want quality entertainment? Yes, you found the right one:

A jolly role played by an equally jolly girl is a treat to watch and who better than Saba Qamar? The serial also has a lot of happy, funny and dancing moments which every girl can relate to. Humor combined with emotions, makes Baaghi a complete package.