A YouTube prank being shot on the roads of Lahore went horribly wrong after the person being pranked wasn’t amused and resorted to gun violence on the prankster. 20-something Rana Zuhair who ran Lahori Vines channel along with two other friends Hasnat Ali and Abdul Saboor is said to have died on the spot.

Believing the Ali and Saboor could have set Zuhair up, the police have arrested the two friends and begun the enquiry.

We’ve seen how risky it could be to prank people especially in a country like ours where the trend of YouTube pranking is relatively new. We’ve even seen one or two close calls with prominent Pakistani prankster Nadir Ali of the P4 Pakao channel.

The growing trend and the fact that many have found success YouTubing has led to emergence of new YouTube channels focused on pranking people. Not all of those new channels are funny. Hell, some are even cringe-worthy and are seen throwing plain insults at people. A few times when watching one of those prank videos, I was left bitting my fingers and wondering what if they met with someone hot-headed and things really got out of control. It absolutely pains me to see it had to come to this.

I was searching for their channel and found out that they had started nearly a month ago and currently have 1500ish subscribers. Following is the video they posted to introduce their channel.