Maybe you don’t see what I see. Or maybe you do but just too damn stubborn to admit. But what was ironic for me to see these two headlines side by side on Dawn‘s Twitter handle:

#Pakistan facing ‘most difficult period of its history’ but course correction underway: PM Khan


The missile is capable of defeating — by assured penetration — “any currently available BMD [Ballistic Missile Defence] system in our neighbourhood”: ISPR

We may not have enough to eat, but we now have the missile capability to surely penetrate and pound any missile defence system in our neighbourhood. Let’s not be naive by pretending to not know who this neighbour is — India.

You may not see the irony in this but I sure as hell do. And before you give me all the bullshit that it’s because the army is a successful institution and civilian administrative setup is not, hear me out.

It’s not the matter of the-army-is-successful-because-it-is-noble-vs-the-civilian-government-is-corrupt-and-thus-worse-economically, this is the matter of priorities.

We’ve grown up hearing and reading that Pakistan is going through the most difficult times in history. At least I have been hearing it for the past twenty years and yet nothing changes. We somehow manage to outdo ourself and be in a more ‘difficult situation’ years later. But one thing that remains constant is how we’ve stocked up all those nukes and military power and how we’re now safe and infallible. But what we don’t realise is that if India or Israel or all those perceived enemies don’t kill us first, the poverty will.

But hey it’s probably not bad after all. Even when we’re dying of poverty or hunger, we’ll still be able to pound India. Ain’t that some shit?

Never mind setting our priorities straight and spending all that money on alleviating poverty first.