Meet Martin Kobler, the German Ambassador to Pakistan who is being hailed as the diplomacy social media star in Pakistan. Be it his tweets in Urdu, his video messages to the country or more recently, his bicycle with the traditional truck art which he had custom-made, Mr Kobler is not coming slow.πŸ‘

And he’s being equally loved by Pakistanis.

Jauhar Saleem – Pakistan’s ambassador to Germany

His Pakistani counterpart, Jauhar Saleem however, presents a different picture. Most of his social media — including that of the embassy — presents routine activity posts exactly the way one would expect from Pakistani bureaucracy which is fine too. But what I do have an issue with is his what seems like indifferent response to the question about Pakistani labourers access to the German market in his recent interview to Pakistan Today. The ambassador basically said Pakistanis are not good enough and shouldn’t bother coming here and is quoted to have used the word ‘substandard’ for the workforce — Pakistan is one of the largest exporters of workforce/labourers mind you.

While discussing the recently issued letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection to legal immigration to Germany, Ambassador Jauhar Saleem said that the skills of Pakistani workers are below par and rather substandard.

Plus his apathy towards refugees and insistence that Pakistan is safe for everyone was definitely over the top.

Germans don’t accept that Pakistan is not a safe country and they are of the view that people have no reason to leave the country due to threats.

Can someone please remind him of the Ahmadiyya Pakistanis who had to flee Pakistan because of persecution and now live here?


P.S. The haters are gonna say Germany paid me to write this post and they’re gonna cite me being in Berlin right now as the evidence. πŸ˜‰