Rights activist and key activist of Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) Gulalai Ismail has returned home after some 30 hours of detention. She said during the course of her detention she wasn’t allowed to contact her family and her lawyer.

Gulalai Ismail was kept in custody even though there was no charge against her. As many as 17 more members of PTM have been detained and are still in custody. They were protesting against killing of another key activist Arman Luni who was killed at the hands of the police.

This is the latest in a series of attacks PTM has had to suffer after its emergence nearly a year ago. They come under attack mostly for speaking against state and armed forces’ treatment of Pashtun citizens and violation of basic human rights by the state.

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Dawn.com: Activist Gulalai Ismail thanks PM Khan for ‘ensuring her release’ after 30-hour detention

Talking to DawnNewsTV, the activist said that after being arrested on Tuesday, she was first detained in a women’s police station in Islamabad. The next morning, she was shifted to a women’s hostel and then taken to the Aabpara police station, from where the arrested were taken to Adiala after a five-hour wait.

AFP: Pakistan women’s rights activist released from detention

An Islamabad Police official dealing with the case swept the claims aside.

Police follow “a proper procedure and her claims of an encounter are unthinkable,” he said.

He accused Ismail and the other activists of uttering “anti-state slogans”.