It’s an established fact that nothing is beneath controversial televangelist “Dr” Aamir Liaquat Hussain and this time he’s using all his power — religion and influence — to have his ex-wife Bushra Aamir fired from rival Ramazan Pakistan transmission currently being broadcasted simultaneously by PTV Home and Hum TV.

According to sources, Bushra Aamir is producing and appearing on the Ramazan Pakistan transmission which is co-hosted by actor Ahsan Khan and is doing way better than Aamir Liaquat’s own transmission. To stop this, Aamir Liaquat almost every day dedicates a section of his QnA from clerics segment Aalim on air asking about consequences for women hosting Ramazan transmissions from religious point of view.

This is not the first time he has used religion to silence opposition. In 2017, he used his platform to spew hatred against opponents and he openly used blasphemy accusations against the opponents to silent them.

According to sources, Aamir Liaquat also left the transmission to blackmail the PTV management into firing Bushra Aamir. He was seen leaving the set mid-transmission and then shamelessly returned 2 days later. The network PTV Home — with way more reach and viewership than PTV News where Aamir Liaquat is doing his transmission — apparently entered a contract with the production of Ramazan Pakistan transmission and has refused to fire Bushra or dishonour the contractual obligations.

The televangelist was also seen playing childish games by having his second wife on his show and making veiled references towards first wife. This was even picked up by YouTube and has been trending there. The sources confirmed that Aamir Liaquat wanted his transmission to also air on PTV Home and he has apparently used all his influence to make that happen. Not only did he fail to achieve that, he’s being beaten in ratings and commercial success by the rival transmission.

The social media in general is abuzz with welcoming and supportive messages for Bushra Aamir.

Screenshot of comments on a YouTube video of Bushra Aamir’s Ramazan Pakistan transmission

Bushra Aamir is known for co-producing Ramazan transmissions with Aamir Liaquat in early days of Aamir Liaquat’s television career. We all remember her from her soft spoken oratory and philanthropy show Chotti Si Naiki.

What Aamir Liaquat is doing now is a typical patriarchal response where his manhood is so threatened by the success of his first wife that he has to use all his power — even religious clerics — to censor her.

Bushra Aamir deserves a career of her own and it’s such a welcoming news seeing her not only making it but kicking ass in the process.