A young woman in Badin has committed suicide after being blackmailed on social media by a man along with his friends. Reportedly, the young woman had already lost quite a lot because of this as her fiance broke off the engagement previously because of the photos sent by the gang and extorted Rs 50,000 from her over that.

The gang continued to blackmail her to the point that she couldn’t take this anymore and decided to commit suicide.

The culprits are on the run and the police have not been able to arrest them yet.

This shows how this country has once again failed its women. How it’s no country for women. How the state would boast of the cybercrime legislation and will only use it to silent dissent. How the victim had no remedies available to her and the only option she felt she could take is to end her life.

If the state’s done abusing its laws — especially the Prevention of Cyber Crime Act (PECA) 2016 — against Shias, Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM), political dissidents, activists and journalists, they should finally start using it them against the cyber criminals.

While the state is helpless, there are non-profit initiatives available and I urge everyone to please spread this cyber harassment prevention helpline where victims and survivors can get information as to what their options are in events like these.

CALL 0800-39393

This cyber harassment helpline is run by Digital Rights Foundation (DRF).


FIA’s phone numbers

Cyber Rescue 24/7 helpline: 9911

Headquarters: +92 51 9106384

Lahore: +92 42 99203047 – 48

Karachi: +92 21-99333950-51

Peshawar: +92 91 9217109

Rawalpindi: +92 51 2612280

Quetta: +92 81 2870057