Director General (DG) Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Asif Ghafoor tried to troll TV personality and journalist Sana Bucha from his personal account on Twitter but Sana Bucha had just the right punch to deliver at the right time and I can’t stop admiring her for this.

This is how the whole thing played out. Sana first trolled the DG ISPR by responding to his self-righteous tweet about “voluntary” budget cuts by the Pakistan Army. She pleaded in quotes — I don’t know who is she quoting — by saying “pain for the country aside, please don’t reduce the recently increased salaries of your social media kids” alluding to notorious social media trolls believed to have been employed by the army.

The DG ISPR responded by reminding everyone how at one point Sana was associated with the ISPR herself.

I know, right? Asif Ghafoor actually tweeted that. And then started the anticipation for the punch by Sana to be delivered and she delivered one alright.

People on social media are also questioning Sana Bucha’s previous association with the Pakistan Army. And it’s not just one film for ISPR, she also co-hosted Crisis Cell along with Ahmed Qureshi on Geo News following Mumbai terrorist attacks and the show even though started to toe Pakistan military’s line, it did eventually become into a widely acknowledged current affairs show. That said, Sana has been critical of the status quo led by the military and has also been off her show for a long time. And she definitely does not deserve to be trolled by the cyber trolls first and then their daddy DG ISPR himself. So good on you Sana for standing up for yourself. Now it’s yet to be seen what the DG has up his sleeves to respond to this punch by Sana.