It sounds unlike Google, right? Well, I guess it’s time to sell privacy for Google. The internet giant has introduced new controls which will automatically clear your data after a particular period of time.

As you may have heard, the company launched a new feature last month which allowed the users to delete private data automatically after either three months or eighteen months. But this feature was only limited to the web and app activity but Google has now confirmed it is being extended to location data as well.

If you didn’t know before, Google tracks everything you do online — from search history to the websites you’ve been on is all kept safe on their servers. The users do have the option to check their Activity log and delete it but for those who didn’t know of this, it might come as a shock to see how much Google already has on you.

For most users, it’s rather inconvenient having to re-enter the locations and data again in the apps when Google does not automatically ‘remember’ it has been cleared but I’d say this is not that big of a cost you should consider paying for your privacy.

Google said this setting will start rolling out for the iOS and Android apps users while there’s no word as to when this will be available on the web.